1. What is Club Alacarte?

Club Alacarte is Indonesia’s leading app-based premier lifestyle membership program offering access to hundreds of exclusive dining, lifestyle and retail offers across Jakarta. 

As a member, you can enjoy offers ranging from 'Buy-1-Get-1', '% Off' and 'IDR Off' across hundreds of our merchant partners. With a simple click of a button, you can enjoy 'Buy-1-Get-1'  main courses across best restaurants in Jakarta and 'Buy-1-Get-1', '% Off' or 'IDR Off' offers across Jakarta's best and trendiest hair salons/barbers, beauty parlors, spas, fitness gyms, entertainment studios, and other lifestyle providers. 

Club Alacarte offers its members IDR millions in savings. Simple, easy-to-use, and virtually without any restrictions, it is the one and only lifestyle app you should not be without!


2. How does Club Alacarte Work? 

Club Alacarte is a smartphone-based membership program. To use Club Alacarte, you will need to download and enroll in Club Alacarte’s membership program from our website or directly through our App.

To redeem Club Alacarte offers, you will need to use Club Alacarte’s mobile App by tapping the offer and continue with the redemption process before you ask for the bill at the outlet. 

The Club Alacarte app is simple to use with many privileges available only for Club Alacarte members.


3. Do I have to pay for the Club Alacarte App?

The Alacarte App is free to download from your smartphone’s app store

First-time use is free of charge, but subsequent uses will require you to purchase membership from Club Alacarte.



4. What are the benefits you enjoy by being a Club Alacarte member?

Club Alacarte provides for the following three (3) types of discount offers across its Dining, Lifestyle and Retail offer categories: 


5. Where can I use Club Alacarte Offers? 

Club Alacarte product is currently only available in Jabodetabek area. However, we are looking to engage more partners from other cities in the near future.


6. How many offers are available in Club Alacarte product offering? 

There are more than 600+ exclusive dining, lifestyle and retail offers a Club Alacarte member can enjoy in a calendar year.

Each participanting merchant provides three (3) offers. Offers can either be identical or different, depending on merchant's selection.


7. Are all the dining, lifestyle and retail offers part of one (1) membership?

Yes! Your membership fee will provide you exclusive access to all the dining, lifestyle and retail offers. 


8. How long are Club Alacarte products valid for?

Club Alacarte Premium Membership is valid until December 31st each year. Therefore the sooner you buy Club Alacarte product, the longer you can enjoy Alacarte membership benefits!

Club Alacarte also offer a Lite Membership valid for 30 days. This product will allow you to test Club Alacarte for a month prior to purchasing a Premium Membership. You may go to the 'Shop' tab or 'Rules of Use' for more details around the difference between a Club Alacarte Lite versus Premium Membership. We think it would be much more worthwhile to purchase a Premium Membership!


9. Do I get a discount if I purchase a Club Alacarte product later in the year since all your products have a one-year validity period?

Yes, in light of the shorter usage period, there may be a slight reduction in price if you purchase Club Alacarte product later in the year.


10. How can I see all available merchants in Club Alacarte product?

You can look in the 'Offers" tab in the our App or go to 'Merchant Partners' on our website. 


11. What are the restrictions on Club Alacarte offers?

Our offers have very few restrictions on the times or days when they can be used. 

The offers are valid anytime throughout the year (including Saturdays and Sundays), except NATIONAL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS and NIGHT BEFORE NATIONAL PUBLIC HOLIDAYS after 6:00 pm. Please pay attention to these exclusion days.

All offers are exclusive and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers, promotions, dining, or loyalty programs. 

That is all. Please make sure you read the 'Rules of Use' prior to redeeming any Club Alacarte offers. 


12. How many offers can I use at one time?

It will depend on the type of offer you are using: 

  • 'Buy-1-Get-1' Offers: One (1) 'Buy-1-Get-1' Offer can be used by every two (2) persons, up to a maximum of three (3) 'Buy-1-Get-1' Offers per visit, booking or table, for a group of six (6) or more persons
  • '% Off' Offers: One (1) '% Off' can be redeemed for every one (1) person per visit.
  • 'IDR Off' Offers: One (1) 'IDR Off' Offer can be redeemed per visit to the retail outlet.


13. How do I redeem an offer from the Club Alacarte App? 

Redeeming the Offers on the Club Alacarte application is simple. Please follow the following steps

  1. Select your chosen Offer for use on the App
  2. Present your mobile device with the chosen Offer to the merchant staff prior to bill settlement. 
  3. You will be prompted to enter your four(4)-digit PIN number. 
  4. Once your PIN is entered, the merchant is prompted to enter their PIN. 
  5. Once the merchant has entered their PIN, the Offer will be redeemed and the Club Alacarte Offer discount will be provided for in the total bill. 
  6. After redeeming your Offers, we will require you to input a brief customer feedback form regarding your experiences at the merchant.
  7. To redeem more Offers, simply repeat the same process  


14. Do I need an internet connection to redeem Club Alacarte mobile offers?

Yes, you will need an internet connection to use and redeem Club Alacarte mobile offers. This is so your account can be updated and your redemptions removed from the available offers in real time. 

The merchant will also receive an e-mail once redemption is made, this enables them to honor the offer as it verifies the redemption.


15. Can I purchase additional offers for my favorite merchant outlets only?

No. Individual offers are not available for purchase. 

Instead of purchasing additional offers, why not make use of Club Alacarte’s other offers that you have not tried before?


16. Why are there locked offers within my App?

Locked offers represent offers that are not available to use anymore due to usage and/or your membership tier at Club Alacarte.


17. I have redeemed an offer at one location but the offer is showing as redeemed at all locations on my App. Why is this?

Depending on the offerings by the merchant, offers can either be linked or independent across outlets of the same brand. 

Therefore sometimes redemption at one location will lead to redemption at another location as well. Ultimately each brand will offer three (3) offers at a minimum irrespective of locations.  Please see "Chain Offers" in the 'Rules of Use' Section


18. How do I redeem more than one offer at the same time on the App – e.g. when I am with a group of friends and I have offers available to use?

You need to go through the process multiple times with the merchant teller/staff and he/she will then produce your bill with the total discount.


19. If I go to a participating outlet and I hit redeem on an offer on my App account and find that they do not accept the offer for some reason, can I cancel the redemption?

Yes, you can cancel the redemption at any point until the merchant teller/staff successfully enters their merchant PIN

However please note that a completed redemption cannot be reversed. We are unable to reinstate mobile offers within the Club Alacarte App.


20. How do I go about changing/refunding my order?

We offer one-time free trial on selected Club Alacarte offers before you proceed to purchase our service. 

Once purchase is made, our product is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. 


21. Which languages can I use my Club Alacarte App in?

The Club Alacarte App is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

To change the language setting, simply go to the 'Settings' page in the App and change your language.


22. How do I log in via another device?

Simply download the App from the device and log in using your account details. Your account in the original device will automatically be logged off.


23. I forgot my password. How can I sign in to the Club Alacarte App?

Simply click/tap on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the website or App. 

You will subsequently receive an e-mail from us with detailed instructions on how to reset your password.


24. I have lost my redemption PIN. What do I do?

You can reset your PIN anytime within the ‘Settings’ section. Click on the ‘Change Password or PIN’ and ‘Reset PIN’ to set your new PIN 


25. Will my App be linked to my account on the Club Alacarte website?

Yes, you should use the same email address and password to access our website and our mobile App.


26. How can I contact you for support/questions about your product?

Feel free to contact us whenever you have question. You can always reach out to us through our App (see 'Contact Us') 

Alternatively you can email us at support@clubalacarte.com